We are the oldest and

biggest netball league in North London

where we aim to have fun, make friends and play some fantastic netball at all levels, including Juniors. Broomfield Park is the place to be every other Saturday September to April – and we have tea and cakes! Come down and see us in action.

And if that isn’t enough netball then we have a summer league running from mid-May to the end of June on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

If you are a player looking to join a club, click here to have a look at the clubs currently playing in our fantastic league.

Palmers Greenery

Volunteer powered Community Cafe serving affordable, healthy and, where possible, locally sourced food – OPEN WEDNESDAYS AND WEEKENDS 10am-3.30pm.

We aim to transform this forgotten building into a hub where good things happen – and are eaten! We are passionate about the things that really make the Palmers Greenery unique – the stuff that’s better for your body, wallet and soul. Our menu is based on our thinking that a park cafe doesn’t have to serve fast or junk food. We like cake and crisps but we also like salad and fruit – so we want to offer good quality, often locally-sourced, seasonal and home-made food.

Discover more at www.friendsofbroomfieldpark.org